IMPERIAL HOTEL Taipei - Taipei City, 104, Taiwan
  • 4200桌菜海報

華國美食展 帝國會館潮粵中菜8人美味桌席餐劵 優惠價NT$4,200 (白飯、茶資另計)

  • 可再享 NT$1,600 加購 掛爐片皮鴨 一鴨三吃
  • 及 LaChapelle de Saint-Dominque2002 紅酒 買一送一

      訂購詳情請洽 帝國會館 (02) 2598-5047

No.600, LinShen North Rd. Zhongshan Dist.
Taipei City, 104, Taiwan
Call: 886 2 2596 5111
886 2 2592 7506


Your Stay in Taipei!

The Imperial Hotel Taipei was established in the 1960’s when five-star hotels were few and far between in Taiwan. We have provided quality service to our guests for more than forty years. In 1997, we joined the Intercontinental Hotels Group (the IHG), a global chain, becoming the first hotel operated by the group on this island. Today, we still maintain the IHG’s quality management and services that are known to the world. With the aim of providing high-class enjoyment, we have been carrying out a series of renovation plans since 2010. We seek to present a neoclassical style with a simpler and more elegant appearance.