For the inconvenient dining out, Huaguo Hotel specially designed 3 delicious lunches. Chaoyue Restaurant, the Imperial Hall, launched the "Hong Kong Point Bento", a main dish of Beijing sauce shredded pork, yakisoba, and salty cakes, with a bowl of soup in Hong Kong style. ; Huaguo Tamaya Shabu Shabu is packed with "top A5 Wagyu rice" which is very popular in the store, with side dishes, jade roast and miso soup, while Huaguo West Kitchen has launched a carefully developed by the chef for take-away Popular and healthy "Low GI Bento", each price is NT $ 150 ~ 180.
§ Product specifications and precautions
Bento contents: Kyoto pork with salted light biscuits, crab shell yakisoba, XO sauce yakiniku, two seasonal vegetables and daily soup.
This product needs to be booked three days in advance, and you can choose to pick it up or deliver it to the government (cooperative taxis are delivered, fare is extra). Free shipping over NT $ 5,000.
● Please pick up VIPs at the Imperial Hall from 11: 30 ~ 13: 30, or 17: 30 ~ 20: 30 during the lunch and dinner period.
● Sales period: Until 3/31.

套餐內容 : 清蒸野青斑、蒜香蘿蔔糕、客家小炒、洋蔥爆牛肉、野菇花椰菜、鮮蝦腐皮卷、港式蒸燒賣,廣式炒飯 + 酸菜白肉麵冷凍禮盒。歡迎提前下單:線上購物─ 美味斑上桌6人合菜套餐

● 本套餐需三天前預訂,可選擇自取,或免運配送到府。
● 自取貴賓請於午晚餐期 11:30~ 13:30,或17:30~ 20:30 至帝國會館取貨。