Wedding banquet and nephew

Wedding banquet and nephew

In the past, the hotel once had the experience of cooperation with international groups. After several renovations and renovations, the hotel has specially transported high-quality building materials from overseas. Through the creative design of famous teachers, it presents the special atmosphere of European royal family. Warm and comfortable furnishings, as well as the business philosophy of "pursuing new and changing, customer first", the Huaguo Hotel maintains a consistently high level of service quality, so that guests can feel at home and warm.

The banquet halls are available in a variety of sizes, which can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of the guests, and provide innovative equipment to make the wedding more convenient and smooth. The Imperial Ballroom on the second floor can accommodate 300 people. It is a large banquet for weddings, tails or spring wine. Great choice.

2018 ❤ Marry me.
Huaguo Shuangyu Happy Wedding Banquet

Wedding discount price is divided into NT$13,999, NT$15,999, NT$18,999, NT$25,999

** 20 % discount on a table (limited to subscription)**
** Special discount for bookings above 15 tables**
** The above fees are subject to a 10% service charge (tax included)**

For further information, please contact: (02) 2596-5111

[Project content and wedding banquet color can refer to the PDF below]

Double happiness wedding reception