Traveling by MRT:

Zhongshan Elementary School Station, Exit 1, Turn right and walk about 5-10 minutes.

Traveling by Bus:

Zhongshan Elementary School Stop/ Ching-Fu Temple Stop(nearthe intersection of Linsen North Rd./ShuangchengSt.)
208 (towardsTaipei Fine Arts Museum),246, Red line 33(within a five-minute walk to the hotel)

Transportation to Taipei Songshan Airport

(Zhongshan Elementary School Station--transferat Songjiang Nanjing Station—transfer to (SongshanXindian Line)-- Nanjing Fuxing Station—transfer to (Wenhu Line) -- Songshan Airport Station)

By Bus
• Bus 63--transfer to MRT-- Zhongshan Junior High School Station--to-- Songshan Airport Station
• Bus 285( Board at Dao Jiang Senior High School of Nursing and Home Economics Stop, get off at the intersection of Minquan East Rd., and walk for 4 minutes.)
• Red Line 29( Board at Zhongshan Elementary School Station Bus Stop, get off at China Airlines Stop, and walk for 5 minutes; Fare: NT $15.)


Transportation to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

By MRT— Zhongshan Elementary School Station--transferat Minquan W.Rd. Station—transfer to (Tamsui Xinyi Line)-- Taipei Main Station—transfer to (Taoyuan Airport MRT) --Airport Terminal 1 (or 2) Station
Fare: NT$180 (single trip)

CitiAir Bus 1961
Boarding location at the hotel: board on the right side just outside the Imperial Hotel’s main entrance.
Fare: NT$90 (single trip)

• Hotel—Airport Service Schedule:
• 4:40 AM- 11:00PM (every 30 minutes)