Imperial House

Cuisine:High-quality Chou-Tzo /Cantonese cuisine and fresh seafood

Hours:Breakfast 06:00~10:00 Lunch 12:00~14:30 Dinner 18:00~21:30


The Imperial House is a restaurant featuring Chou-Tzo and Cantonese cuisine. There are windows displaying the fresh seafood caught from Taiwanese waters. Our chef themselves pick the freshest local ingredients from the markets to perfectly present the purest delicacy and nutrition of the food. Serenity is the design concept of the Imperial House, and the decoration highlights oriental style. Both eastern and western aesthetic merits are adopted, so the atmosphere is eastern yet modern. Curvy gold foil is an integral part of the ceiling and Chinese poetry is the inspiration of the names of four independent booths. We had the honor of inviting Chung-kao Tu, a renowned Taiwanese master calligrapher, to write the names of each booth. The booths are divided by movable partition walls, and this allows our honorable guests to have their own independent space and caters to different occasions. In addition, an outdoor bar on the balcony has lit up the space.

* All prices are in NT dollars and subject to a 10% service charge. The corkage charge per bottle at this restaurant is NT$500 for wine and spirits.

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