Imperial House

Imperial House

Business hours: Breakfast 06:00~10:00 Lunch 12:00~14:30 Dinner 18:00~21:30
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A high-end Chinese restaurant featuring exquisite and authentic Teochew-Cantonese cuisine.

Imperial House is a high-end Chinese restaurant featuring exquisite Teochew-Cantonese cuisine. A cabinet displays the freshest fish catches from various fishing grounds in Taiwan. 
The chef personally goes to fish markets to select the freshest local ingredients of the day to present guests with the pure taste and nutrition of the freshest food.

The design of the Imperial House is based on the appeal of "quiet tranquillity," using Chinese oriental elements as the main design language blended with a minimalist oriental fusion with Western aesthetics. It presents a modern chic while not losing its oriental appeal. The ceiling is boldly decorated with gold foil arc-shaped waves, and four private dining halls are named after poems or speeches. Imperial Hotel Taipei invited the famous calligraphy master Tu Chung Kao to write the inscription. The dining halls are divided by movable screens so that VIPs have exclusive space to enjoy their meal. The space can also be flexibly adjusted to accommodate different space requirements. The open bar function of the outdoor terrace makes the overall catering service space more lively and vibrant!

Imperial House also has an exquisite wine cellar with a market value of more than NT$100 million, so that your “imperial gastronomic journey” can be accompanied by fine wine and grandeur.

*Prices are indicated in New Taiwan Dollars. 10% service charge not included. Customers who bring their own drinks will be charged a NT$500 corkage fee.
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